Just a quick note to tell you all who I am. My name is Kari Simon and my partner and I have set a goal to go on a cruise as a reward and as incentive to lose weight. (It’s the carrot AND the stick.) It’s been hard to come to terms with the fact that I absolutely must lose weight, but since my partner has quit smoking in the last two weeks I feel compelled to help us go the next steps toward getting healthy. It won’t be easy, but I thought if I wrote about it frequently in my blog, it might help me stay focuted and be more accountable.

Our cruise is already booked – we had to do that firsts or we would talk ourselves out of it. Now we are looking for ways to lose weight fast, but to lose it healthy. If you have any quick weight loss tips it would be most appreciated if you would share. I know it’s going to be real hard on her as she has just quit smoking and that makes you want to eat anyway! But, maybe exercise will help take her mind off of it.

We aren’t aiming to wear bikini’s or anything, just not be utterly embarrassed and be able to enjoy ourselves. Wish us luck, and if you are in the same situation, maybe we can help encourage each other.