I’ve Lost 10 Pounds

I just want to report that this morning I wasn’t really looking forward to weighing because the night before I had let myself have a coke. I haven’t had one in so long and was really missing, well, just about everything and caved.

It’s not too hard to imagine that after weighing and seeing that what I’m doing is working I am fired up to exercise today! 10 Pounds is not fantastic, but I figure if I can keep at this steady pace I will eventually meet my goal (which I am not disclosing yet – in case I don’t make the goal!)

That’s a big deal, you know, sharing this publicly. I mean, I guess no one is reading this, but if there is, I want you to know that committing to write about this does help me stay accountable, but it’s also a bit embarrassing.

My partner is continuing the no smoking thing – which I’m very proud of. And the grumpiness, I am also happy to announce, has abated! It is what she wants to do when she gets upset, and apparently every time we ride in the car it’s a deal. She says she typically smoked more in the car and so it’s hard.

Funny side note: She still rolls down the window like she’s going to light one up! She has changed her vice mostly to sunflower seeds as she is determined not to start eating and gain weight!

So, as you see, we are making progress on both of our goals. Yeah me!

Lemons Are A Bit Of Heaven

I do like the cucumbers, but the lemons really make me happy. I guess because I know I’m getting vitamin C and because they offer a change from just the cucumbers. I think what I’m suffering from is missing taste! So, what I’m doing is alternating so I have variety and having plain water at times, cucumber water at times and lemon water at times makes my world a happier, more versatile place! (It doesn’t make me not miss cokes – man a coke would be good! – but it does give me some variety, and as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life.

So I’m happy and content that I’ve found a workable solution to one of the main factors I am focused on in my efforts to lose weight. Sleep is harder. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping and wonder what that’s about? I don’t think that solution will be as easy as drinking tea or warm milk (blech!) before bed!

Guess What?

I’ve lost 5 pounds! yeah me! I’m still not up to the amount of exercise I want to be, but I am stretching it a bit each day now and feeling like I’m not going to just die each time I exercise. My partner has lost 3 and I had to console her by telling her what a huge thing she’s doing by quitting smoking. I secretly hope she passes me soon so she won’t be sad about it. The various emotions are about to kill me. She is better than she was grumpy wise, but now a bit emotional in other ways. But, I am also secretly happy that I have accomplished something toward my goal. (I can’t rejoice with her though – so you will get to hear about it!)

I have to admit I’m a bit scared to rejoice because I’m afraid it will quit being true or that I’ll wake up or something. And I know 5 pounds isn’t much – but it’s a damn good start! yeah me! Hope you are having Yeah You moments too!


Cucumbers I Can Live With

I tried the cucumber thing I talked about last time. And, honestly, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t expect to be “wowed” by it, but it really wasn’t too awful bad. I have always hated pickles and when I was younger just the smell of cut cucumbers made me gag. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered I could stomach them in a salad on occasion. I’ve never really been partial like, OOOH Give me some cucumbers, or anything, but I discovered I could stand them. So the cucumber in water thing I wasn’t too sure about.

Actually, I’ve decided that I can perhaps eat them occasionally on my diet. My mother has always told me to retry things through the years because your tastebuds change and things you didn’t use to like you might like as you get older. I always thought that was silly, but hey – you live and you learn.

So, cucumbers are welcome on the table and in my water and I can hate water less. Lemons are next on the list.

Water – Hmmmph

I noted in an earlier post that I don’t like water really. Well, I’ve been really trying to drink water – a lot of water – and well, I’m sick of it. I feel waterlogged! Really.

They say that you should drink something like a glass for each pound you weigh… well, I’m really overweight and that means a lot of lt of water! UUGGH! Any ideas? Someone suggested putting cucumbers or lemons in the water… I might try that. How many cucumbers do you think I’d have to squeeze to make cucumber-aide? The problem is I’m not really wild about either lemons or cucumbers, but it might be better than straight water! I wonder why it’s so hard? I mean, isn’t most of our body made out of water and all? It should be refreshing and wonderful and I’ll admit that there are times (usually at the Chinese Restaurant) when water is just really wonderful. But then I drink too much of it! What gives?

By the way, my partner is a bit less grumpy and the world is a better place, except for the water!

Grumpy Is Not The Word For It!

In my last post I shared that my partner was a bit grumpy due to trying to quit smoking. Grumpy is not the word for it, but I don’t guess I’ll share the word that comes to mind here – in case she decides to check out my blog! However, I think it is safe to say that I do think it’s getting old and wearing thin! I know the cigarette thing is hard to kick. I kicked myself over 20 years ago. So I am trying to be patient and understanding and everything – but man is she getting my goat!

What she isn’t getting is that I’m a bit irritable too what with trying to exercise and stop eating junk food and all. She of course thinks she has it worse – but Dante’s hell is still hell for the individual and I’m not on a picnic with her either!

Okay. My rant is out of the way, (I think) and I can get on to the business at hand. I still don’t seem to have lost any weight, but I am feeling better. I’ve been trying to get a decent night’s sleep and trying to drink more water. I still have a long way to go on that note, but I am drinking more than I have ever. (It’s just not my thing!)

I know that exercise won’t make much of a difference until I can get my heart rate up for extended periods of time and I’m still working myself up to the “extended” part. But I am exercising and haven’t given up yet! Onward, and well, downward!

Is Sugar Free Pudding Okay?

I must confess that I love pudding. I have been pretty good today, but did let myself have a sugar-free pudding cup. Do you think that’s cheating? I know it doesn’t have sugar in it, but wonder about eating anything I don’t absolutely need. And in terms of getting healthy, well, doesn’t sugar-free usually mean chemicals instead? I’m not sure it really lines up with what I want to do and wonder if I’m wavering already – is it the first step towards failure? I hope not because, well, I love pudding! Especially chocolate!

I guess if I focus on my first goal the other can be left to deal with another day – Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? and so I guess I don’t have to be perfect. Maybe that’s my underlying reason for being overweight in the first place. I don’t know. I don’t want to analyze it too much. That tends to make me depressed – and not eating makes me depressed already. Thought, exercising kind of lifts my spirit. So, I’ll focus on that and drinking my water – which I’m not real fond of either. Perhaps that’s enough “stress” for the time being!

My partner is doing great still on the cigarettes. One whole week! I’m very proud of her, even if she is a little bit grumpy!

Kari here!

Hey there! Just getting my new blog set up. I got really inspired recently by Lulu Roman. Don’t know if any of you all remember her, but she was on HeeHaw back in the day. She was very overweight like all her life. Well, I saw her in concert at our church this weekend and she has lost 222 pounds!  It got me wondering how I might be able to lose weight quick myself! My partner and I decided to take the plunge by committing to a cruise and of course we want to lose weight first. We figured the cruise would prove a good incentive for two reasons. One it would give us something to look forward to and for another it might spur us on because of the fear of going on a cruise looking like we look!

If you have any lose weight tips I would be very glad to hear them. At this point the only thing I really know to try include the following:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise every day (I’ll have to work up to that)
  • Cut back on the crap I et
  • Get plenty of rest

I know that doesn’t sound like much of a plan, but it seems that we all know how to lose weight, we just don’t do it. Maybe I’m making an usumption about this for other people – in my case I know I haven’t really tried yet. Losing weight I know can be truly difficult for some people, but we keep hearing how weight has just not been the kind of issue it is for so many today in past years. I can’t imagine that the physiology of all of human kind has changed so drastically. We get told again and again and then don’t do it. I’ve begun to wonder what would happen if I just believed it and did it?

Using a lose weight diet plan seems bizarre to me really. I mean, I know it could help someone lose weight fast, but it doesn’t seem like it could really be sustained. Adding exercise into our day though really could.

Anyway, I do want to learn how to lose weight and that’s the purpose of my blog. I’ll share what I discover if you’ll share what you’ve learned too and maybe together we can get ready for that cruise I want to take! And I figure out how to lose weight quickly, I’ll be sure and share too!